Picture People FREE portrait package is BACK!!!!


You may remember when i posted up about the GREAT deal i got with this portrait package the last time around. If not let me refresh your memory.

So you see i go in for one more sitting which would be this free portrait package and i get my FREE Trilogy frame ($99.00 value), My FREE 8x10 sheet from my portrait club as well as $10.00 off PLUS this FREE package with very little spent!!! You should be able to get the same deal as i did in the past and then again continue on such as I am when the next free portrait package offer comes out (crossing fingers that there is one!!)

Print your coupon and set up an appointment. I highly recommend doing so as the last time they were SUPER busy with this promotion as you would imagine they would be!

Thanks to Smart Cents Mom for posting about the new package deal!!


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