Free Portrait Package from Picture People

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My sister Shannon and Brady in 2 of the poses. (They take such lovely pictures!!) They are quite pricey so definitely take advantage of this coupon!!!

So i woke up yesterday afternoon to a wonderful coupon almost too good to be true in my inbox! It was for THIS coupon from Picture People exp. 7/25/2009. Picture People is known for giving away FREE 8x10’s but a WHOLE package with NO sitting fees!!! Out of this world!

So here is what i did I called my sister and told her HURRY up and get ready we are going to get you and Brady’s pictures taken. I printed out 2 coupons. And we were off. We could not use both coupons the same day so we went on Saturday and had them do my sister and Brady’s photos. Then again today for Brady alone.

Here is where the deal is to be had!

On Saturday we got the Free package (valued at $65.xx) I purchased the Portrait Club for $39.95 instantly received a FREE sheet ($18.00 value) and $10.00 off which was taken off the price of the Club. (you can get a free sheet and $10.00 off up to 3 times with your club card)

Today we got another free package of just Brady ($65.xx value) I received a FREE sheet from the club ($18.00 value) AND i bought another sheet of wallets (all different poses) and got my $10 off. So i only paid $8.xx!!! What’s even better is we only have to go in for one more sitting (plan on using the FREE 8x10 coupon which will work) and pay for 2 8x10 sheets  and get a free Trilogy series which is a value of $99.00!!!!!

Total BEFORE coupons/deals: $184

Total OOP $40.00


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