Become a Mom’s Meet Ambassador and/or get a FREE subscription to Kiwi Magazine!


What you get for becoming a Mom’s Meet Ambassador (from their site):
A FREE annual subscription to KIWI Magazine for you or a friend
Access to our Moms Meet website, including easy-to-download
content, moderator guide (for Mom Ambassadors) and questions
for discussion

Access to Moms Meet groups at various locations
around the country

Monthly Moms Meet e-newsletter

And we’re recruiting Moms Meet Ambassadors
to lead group meetings in your town!
Apply now and we'll train you to show your friends the way to
healthier families.

You do NOT have to sign up to be an ambassador in order to sign up for the newsletter FREE and receive a FREE subscription to Kiwi Magazine, AND $5.00 in Earth’s Best Coupons!

Simply just click on No Thanks and fill out the easy order form!

Thanks to Sweet Free Stuff for sharing this deal!


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