FREE Snuggie!!


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Your free Snuggie Blanket should arrive within 6 weeks. We look forward to hearing your reviews of the Snuggie Blanket - The Blanket with Sleeves!

From their site:

This offer is available to both the United States and Canada. Hawaii and Alaska excepted.
This offer is completely free, with no charge for Processing, Shipping or Handling.

We may attempt to reach you via telephone to conduct a brief survey, discussing your thoughts on the product received. Our phone call will be placed shortly after receiving the product or sample, and should last no more than 15 minutes. Our call will be placed between 10AM and 5PM, Monday to Saturday. If we do not receive an answer from our first call, we will wait a few days and attempt a second. We will place a maximum of 3 calls, at which point we may contact you via email asking that you phone our offices. While this phone call is not mandatory, it fuels our promotions and helps us continue to offer free products and samples. It is for everyone's benefit that you take our brief survey.

Thanks to Bargains4wahm’s for the heads up!!


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