Target Price Match Trip Awesome On My Wallet, Bad On My Watch!

Ok so i’m not sure if i have posted up here on my blog yet about how HORRIBLE my Target is with the price matching. I will post the ordeal as short of a summary as possible. The last time i tried to do this deal the week before this past week i was told “we do not price match grocery stores only stores that carry clothes” So i left my cart with 10 boxes of Cereal and 9 can’s of Ragu pasta sauce and went home to call Corporate (why i didn’t just call from the store is beyond me) Anyway they told me that they do not comp royalty programs (when an ad say’s “with card”) So i could not do the deal then as it did say in the ads “save with card”

So you can imagine how psyched i was when the SAME exact deal was going on again this past week only this time the ad’s did NOT say “save with card” Although my store still gave me a hassle this time I had had it because they were telling me that they do not comp stores that are not within the circle of stores that are near by because their policy say’s stores in the AREA (this is a bit exaggerated on their part as i do believe they meant in our state/county even but  not that it had to be within a mile!!! Hello!) So here i am AGAIN (mind you after calling the store before i even drove up there and getting the OK) with a cart full of 10 boxes of cereal and 9 cans of Ragu Pasta sauce. Anyway this time i called Corporate as i was going on THEIR word this time. I stood my ground as 3 different managers were telling me NO! Corporate told them to do it so they do have to! USE THAT RED PHONE that is what it is there for!!!

Anyway onto my trip pics and breakdown: (click image for larger version)


General Mills (select variety) was on sale 5/$10.00 at Redners (since the ad said 5/$10.00 you have to purchase the amount stated) So i did 2 of this deal. = $20.00
-(2) $0.75/1 Cocoa Puffs IP
-(4) $1.00/2 MFQ from Insert
-(5) $1.00/2 Target coupon= 10/$9.50 or $0.95 a box!!

9 Jars of Ragu Pasta Sauce 4/$5.00 @ Giant Food Mart  and 1 at Reg. price of $1.64= $11.64
-(3) $1.25/3 MFQ from insert
-(4) $0.75/2 Target Coupon= 9/$4.89 or $0.54 a pc.

Total OOP: $14.39 (14 @ $0.75 a pc!!)
Total Saved: $25.00

It is WORTH it to stand your ground!!!


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