My 5 FREE Sense & Spray +Made 6.00 ECB!!


Ok so you may remember a few weeks back there were Sense & Spray’s at CVS for 2/$10.00 and you earned $3.00 ECB. WELL my store did not have all the Sense & Spray’s that I had wanted so i got a Rain Check!! Those little rain checks can be VERY powerful ALWAYS make sure to get one especially if a sale has ECB’s attached to the deal! I got a rain check for 5. Here is how i worked this deal.

(5) Sense & Sprays Orig $9.99 sale $5.00 x 5= $25.00
- $5.00/$25.00 CVS coupon= $20.00
- (5) $4.00/1 MFQ= $0.00 since there was a limit of 3 $3.00 ECB I received an ECB while the sale was actually going on as there was 2 on the shelf back then and i received $6.00 ECB this time for this transaction. YES you can still earn ECB for a past deal as long as you get a rain check and make sure that they note that on there! See pictures below…



sandra said...

Ok I so need to start doing this!

One question can you use the ECB on anything or just on something you get ECB on? I have 1 ECB that expires on 10-1 and don't know what to use it on. lol

Sherry said...

You use it just like cash!!! I haven't been doing it long. I have $11.00 in ECB's :)

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