The Winners Are!!!…….UPDATED


This was so much fun!! I really enjoyed having my first giveaway here on Coo Coo 4 Coupons!! I really appreciate all of those that took part in the giveaway and i hope that you enjoy your Yoplait Fiber One yogurt as much as i surprisingly did (I'm not much of a yogurt person).

Winners need to contact me within 24 hours @ with your mailing address! If i do not hear from you by 8:44 EST Tuesday, August 25th I will choose another winner.

Sorry the drawing was so late i had a sudden Target Trip (Mia my cat she was hungry hehe)


Drum roll please!!……


Kathy Rambousek said... 15

Shhh.... I love dark chocolate. In fact I just had a handful of dark chocolate M&M's with peanuts, craisins, and raisins.

Since i have not yet heard back from Kathy and i have no contact information to get in contact with her i needed to choose a new winner. And the winner is…..


Dina said... 25

My guilty snack is chocolate!
tredinadavis at


Sandra said... 1

I love to snack on yogurt, fruit and every now and then I do choc chip cookies, cake or pie. lol

So I find it pretty funny and ironic that you all shared (and won) by sharing your GUILTY pleasures!! Now go have some YUMMY Yoplait Fiber One yogurt that will absolutely taste like a guilty pleasure but oh so guilt free!!



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