My Coupon Organization Step 2

Once i have all my coupons I will then come to my computer and put them into my own database that i created in my spreadsheet software. I do not have Excel on my computer but my Microsoft works spreadsheet is pretty much the same. I will show you a screen shot of it and then break it down for you.


Click on the thumbnail for a larger preview.

I have my database broken down like this:

Date, Brand, Amount off/how many, #of coupons i have, specifications, source, and store.

Date: I have first so that this way I can do a sort and sort by date. This way the coupons that will expire first go to the top of my spreadsheet. I also bold all of the coupons that will expire before my next pay date (I get paid every 2 weeks)

Brand: I put the brand name of the product as well as the name of the product. This way i can do a find to see if i have a particular coupon for a certain product or brand.

Amount Off/How many: This is simply the dollar amount off and how many you must purchase to get that dollar amount off.

# of coupons: I have this column so that i can plan ahead of time how many of the product i can buy or if i have enough coupons for a certain deal or scenario.

Specifications: This is where i put whether or not it doubles, if i can use it on a trial size, how many oz the product must be or so on so forth.

Source: I started putting the source that i got my coupon from such as SS 5/3 (this means i got this coupon from the Smart Source insert for the week of 5/3) I do this because when deals are posted they post what insert the coupon is from and it simplifies things. Also so that if i post a deal others know where to get that specific coupon from or whether they have it.

and Store: is where i put whether or not it is a store coupon such as Target, Giant, Price Chopper, Kmart etc…

So every Saturday sometimes Sunday i will sit down at my computer and type in the coupons from each insert that i plan to clip and put into my binder and all of this information into my database.

Then i will cut out the coupons and put them into my binder (which i will break down for you as well and show pictures of) I find it’s easier to cut out all of the same coupon together. I simply match up the inserts so that they are lined up as close as possible and then clip away. Way less time this way!! Same with printable coupons. If you have any coupons on the database or how to set it up or to use a spreadsheet program please leave me a comment here and i will be glad to help!


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