My Coupon Organization Step 1


Ok so i have had so many people ask me how i keep my coupons so organized. I have also had people look at me with intrigue as i walk around with my HUGE coupon binder! lol I am going to show you my system and how i keep it all under control!

The first step is to GET the coupons! I get most of my coupons from the internet (IP= Internet Printable coupons) You can usually print 2 of each coupon per computer. I print 2 at home and 2 at work. So if you know someone who doesn’t mind you printing coupons from their computer or you can print at work this works the best. If not make sure to print the 2 from home!!

Here are some of the best sites for finding coupons online: (has a coupon database as well as Target database) (has a coupon database as well as Target database) (you can use my bar on the left)

Organic Grocery Deals (Target coupon generator)

I sign up for groups on Gather and blogs to learn about new coupons as well. And always sign up for mailing lists of companies who’s brands i use they often send out coupons to your email or home address.

I also buy 4 papers on Sunday!! Yes 4 papers!! Each free item that i get (usually on a weekly basis pays for the papers in itself) Always check and see if there are inserts in the paper for that week. You can do that HERE. You can also see a preview of this weeks upcoming coupons before you decide how many papers to buy. Me i always buy 4 it’s a good number for me. At least this way if there is a b1/g1 free offer I'll be able to do that offer 2 times with my 4 coupons! Remember to ALWAYS check your papers before purchasing to make sure that ALL of your inserts are included! There is nothing worse than paying for a paper only to find your coupons are MIA!! I also talk to everyone about my coupons and they know how much i rely on them so some of the people i work with who do not use coupons bring in their inserts for me as well as family. I also buy my papers early on Saturday this way i can go through the ads and coupons and get my deals ready for that week so that i am prepared when i go shopping.


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