I Won!!!!!!

So i am unsure if anyone has stumbled upon my blog as of yet but if anyone out there is reading this i will start off with a short introduction. I have as of 2007 lost 82 lbs!!!!! Woohoo i am so close to my long term goal of 100 lbs lost i can almost TASTE it! (pun intended) So i am sure you can imagine just how shocked i was to open my email at work and read this.....

Congratulations! You have won the EAS Active House Party

Thank you again for participating in our survey! We had an overwhelming response, but we're excited to inform you that you're one of the 500 lucky ladies chosen to be part of the EA Sports Active Fit Club hosted by Ammo Marketing!

I couldn't click the RSVP link fast enough!!!

Today i got another email identical to that one i recieved on 5/8 and i got nervous that maybe i might have missed out even though i RSVP'ed and it went through so i called the wonderful Fit Women at Ammo Marketing and Emily called me back shortly after she was so kind and sincere!! She said that i was the 59th person to RSVP and that assured i would get my package in the mail by the end of this month. I am so completely excited and thankful for this opportunity. I have been waiting for this game to come out for SOOOOO long and now i get it for FREE and so many other goodies!!!! YAY! Not to mention the fact that i think this is JUST what i needed to get me to where i want to be 100 lbs LOST forever!!!! Maybe even more!!

Thank you!! Thank YOU!!


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