Thank you Mr. Postman!


You know everyone thinks I am a bit “coo coo” when it comes to my mail. I LOVE checking my mail. Absolutely love it! I will check my mail at home compulsively until there is something sitting in that box waiting for me. (it’s not so easy either since I have to walk to my mailbox it’s not attached to my house) I KNOW I’ll have mail I ALWAYS have mail and if I don’t have mail well then it’s a TRAGEDY!!


So I would like to share with you “hopefully” daily what I get in my wonderful mailbox!

(P:S I have mostly gone paperless for all of my bills so that is another reason I love it so much Rolling on the floor laughing)


I hope you’ll join in with me and leave a comment as well with what you received in your mailbox! I would really enjoy that. And if your too shy you could always email it to me and maybe even send pictures and I can post it here for you!


Today’s Mail:
CVS Pamphlet with coupons

Coupon for FREE Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce (requested here It states it is currently down for maintenance but not that they are all gone so give it a shot! Just click on the green banner on the right hand side of the page!)




Anonymous said...

oh I hope I get the CVS mailing today...I did receive my free box of Kleenex...very cute! And my Taste of Home magazing (haven't looked at it yet.)

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