Sorry no posts. So sick!

So I am not feeling very well the past two day’s Sad smile. Actually I haven’t been feeling well the past image10 day’s since my surgery (Wish I believed the DR when he told me I wouldn’t for atleast 10 days- 2 weeks after) I guess the difference now is that I didn’t get quite as must rest as I should have and now it’s hitting me. I won’t be posting to the blog much for the next few day’s as I will be sleeping off the remainder of the healing process I’m sure. I slept all day today and then when I woke up maybe an hour ago I realized I haven’t eaten anything since Tuesday afternoon and here it is Wednesday almost Midnight. So I am eating some lipton noodles and broth soup and going back to bed. I am hoping that I can sleep throughout the night without waking up choking again!


I will hopefully be back to better over the weekend and back to posting Smile


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