FREE Coffee Mate on Facebook!!!!



First you have to like Coffee Mate on Facebook

Then click on the FREEFLAVORFRIDAY tab!

Ok this one is going to go pretty darn fast!! They are giving away 100,000 and when I liked a few moments ago 14,527 others liked as well. Add yourself into the equation means you should probably be there at the EXACT time on the exact tab (FreeFlavorFriday) and refresh your page at 12:00 pm EST although the giveaway is @ 9:00 am PST which is Noon for us Easterners Smile Good Luck.

I’d LOVE to know if you got in leave me a message here!!


Anonymous said...

I actually did get one...not at noon tho. Couldn't get thru so gave up and ran some errands...when I got back I thought I'd just pop over to facebook and check it out...low and behold, I actually got thru...surprise, surprise!!

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