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At first I just like you, wondered how are people saving all of this money with a measly little $1.00/1 coupon?! Considering the price of a product it just didn’t add up or even seem feasible to me. It is almost like a science. Be right back The answer is simple in that the best saving’s are achieved not only by using coupons.

It is as if it’s a multi level/step equation almost. (Now this isn’t to scare you away Laughing out loud)

You need to consider Store/Loyalty Program/ Does the store stack coupons/ What price is the item on sale for ? Size and so on/so forth.

The more you coupon and the more you become familiar with all of the different aspects of the savings the easier it will get.  Believe me it is almost as if it becomes second nature! (I be doing scenarios and mathematics in the shower, in bed Laughing out loud it almost sounds obsessive but it’s thrilling is what it all boils down to)

So a for instance:

This week @ RA (Rite Aid) Or I also like to call it “the Aid” Laughing out loud 

Stayfree is on sale BOGO and there is a BOGO coupon out there now I know that this will make them BOTH FREE! (1/30-2/5)

That sounds pretty darned good right!?

Well what if maybe next week (and there really isn’t any certain way of knowing just kind of knowing your store of choice’s sales trends) there is Stayfree on sale for let’s just say 2/$5 (small packs) this is just completely hypothetical situation here.

So 2/$5 get back a $2 UP reward WYB 2 and you have your BOGO coupon PLUS a $1.00/1 coupon PLUS you factor in the returned UPS rewards. Already that’s how many factors?! (not just that you clipped a coupon in this past Sunday’s paper HA!)

(2) $5.00

-$2.50 FREE coupon (this coupon attaches to the free product)

-$1.00/1 Coupon (attaches to the one your purchasing you could not however use a $1.00/2 or anything off 2 on this type of scenario because one of the products already has a coupon attached to it)

In the end makes it now 2/$1.50 and you get back $2 UP so overall your profit is $0.50 on 2 packs Winking smile

So that’s pretty much better than FREE. And this DOES happen often in the couponing world.

So do not get discouraged when you do not get in on a deal. Maybe your coupons arrived late, or someone cleared the shelf completely void of the product. BUT next week could be a whole new ball game! Or maybe a month down the road hence why we like LONG expiration dates on our coupons (hint to manufacturers if you ever stumble upon my humble coupon blog am ode Smile)

So pretty much what it comes down to is not only the COUPON but the P’s and Q’s and making sure that you cross all of your T’s and dot all of your I’s

I know it seems a bit overwhelming. And at first it will be! Which is why I am here like so many other coupon bloggers and websites. To help you and encourage you!

I hope that this was a help to some of you. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will get back to you with any answers to any questions you may have. If you would like to share this post please give full credit and a link back to this blog!

Ok so onto the humor! (if you didn’t find the humor and thrill in that already!) lol




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