Rite Aid Score some FREE stuff or even make some UPS in the process!


Nothing better than getting paid to shop! I wish I could have gotten this up earlier. I also wish even more that I would have been able to hit a few more stores than I actually had the chance to! This Tonsillectomy is really kicking my butt!


This week there is a Game UP Deal earn $5.00 UP wyb $15.00 *note you can only earn the $5.00 UP 1 time per household

Here are some fantastic scenario’s for you to score a profit out of this deal!

Scenario #1
Buy 5 Edy's Ice cream - 14.96
Buy 1 lays stax - $1
Pay 15.96
Get back $10 from Edy's (or dreyers in areas other than east coast, same brand.)
Get back $1 from Lays Stax
Get back $5 from +up your game rewards.

Scenario #2
Buy 15 Lays Stax - $15 (on sale 2/$2 and producing $1.00 up each so FREE)
Pay $15 OOP
Get back $15 from Lays, and $5 from +up your game.
$5 MM!!

Scenario #3
Buy 10 Lays Stax - $10 (on sale 2/$2 and producing $1.00 up each so FREE)
Buy 2 Edy's/Dreyers - $5.96
Pay 15.96 OOP
Get back $10 Lays, $4 Ice cream, and $5 +up your game rewards.
$4 MM!


Scenario #4

Buy 2 Dixie Plates BOGO= $3.99
Buy 12 Lays Stax = $12.00

Use $3.00/2 Dixie VV (I have 3 accounts for 3 family members over the age of 14 and my stores are ok with me using them this is a YMMV)

Total OOP= $15.99+ tax
Get back $5.00 Game UP, 12 $1 UP Lays
$1.01 MM (even better if you have more than 1 Dixie VV coupon)

As always thanks to weusecoupons.com for the great scenarios!


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