I am back! :)


At the request of readers/family/and friends I am back!!! I haven’t posted for almost a year.  I took quite a long break from couponing all together.

I am back now and will probably start out slow. I just want for all of you to know that I am all about blogging about deals. To help others in my area and as far away as I can to get the absolute best deals. I am not however about making money off of this blog or anything like that. I just want to be upfront about that. I have been seeing it more often than not all of those affiliate related posts/links out there. I promise you will not see that here!

On the side bars there are affiliate links with some great links for some great freebies/coupons. I will get credit which will help run this blog but I do not expect for you to click on them. I also will not flood your emails w/daily updates full of Crocs and/or other affiliate links! That is a promise!

I just had a tonsillectomy yesterday so I am still feeling pretty down in the dumps. I just wanted to get a post out there to all of you letting you know that I have decided to start the blog back up slowly.

I will be having a giveaway within the next week or 2 so be on the lookout!! Smile


Short On Cents said...

welcome back was wondering what had happened - one day you were here and the next not. Take care of yourself and again welcome back : )

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