An explanation…

I am sure most of you have probably noticed that i have not posted in a few day’s. I have not been feeling very good lately these sinus infections are killing me. I have come to a realization that it is HARD work to keep a blog running!!! With work, trying to lose the rest of this weight and home and family it’s really hard to keep up with the magnitude of the blog that i was.

I will not be shutting the blog down. I can not bare to do that i love it too much and i really appreciate all of my readers! I will still be posting up my shopping trips and breaking them down for you so that you can hopefully get the same deals! I MAY still do the CVS and Rite Aid weekly deals as i am a HUGE Pharmacy fan!! :) BUT i am not sure i will be able to keep up with the coupons as much as i was posting them daily or the coupon lists (they take a long time to type up) I will post the really really hot coupons and freebies that i find. I just won’t be posting as much as i was. IT’s too hard to keep up with!

I do have a few giveaways that i have to get up as soon as i’m feeling better. So keep your eyes peeled!

I hope that you all understand and decide to stick with CooCoo4Coupons!

It’s cold outside and the snow is coming down hard if you going out shopping for those terrific deals this week PLEASE be safe! :)


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