It’s ALL gone! :(

OMG This is ME after taking almost 2 hours to figure out and type up my 4 shopping trips tonight!!!!!  My computer had a meltdown and i lost the entire post UGH!! Anyway i had a wonderful shopping night tonight. Retail therapy that i really needed (now to be completely agitated!)

I will post up the picture and the breakdown tomorrow.

I paid a total of $56.49
Saved= $356.04


J. L. W. said...

I have had that happen where I have lost a post but it was only a small one. It stinks! I can't wait to read how you saved that much! That is awesome.

Sandra said...

Is there a way for you to put what you use on auto save? I learned the hard way to always save when you are doing a big article! lol

Congrats on how much you saved! I need to do my shopping trip I did on Friday, just forgot, I only spent I think $20 making my total for January spent about $110!! That's pretty low for me!

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