Giant Coupon Policy


Giant Food Stores Coupon Policy:
The policy is not posted on their website so i emailed the company.

This is what i received in return. This will also be added to Coupon 101

Dear Ms. Sherry (removed last name)

Thank you for sharing your comments with us. I appreciate that you took the time to give us your feedback.

I do apologize that we do have our coupon policy posted on our website. I am encluding the policy for you to refer to. COUPON POLICY:

The customer must purchase the item to which the coupon applies. Coupons must not be expired. A store coupon and a vendor coupon may be redeemed on the same item. If the combined value of the vendor coupon exceeds the items retail price, the item is free. The vendor (manufacturers) coupon will be deducted first then the store coupon will be adjusted so that it does not exceed the price of the item. Coupon can be redeemed on damaged or discontinued merchandise that has been reduced. We do not accept coupons from competitors, altered or tampered (i.e. expiration date cut off) or Xerox copied coupons. The value of the coupon may not exceed the price of the item.


In order for a coupon to be doubled, the Customer must use their Bonus Card. The Double Coupon Policy does not apply to FREE coupons, Catalina coupons, store coupons or any competitors coupons. The total doubled value can not exceed the price of the item. Only one coupon for the same item will be doubled, all other will be redeemed at face value. (Example: 12 cans of Hi-C punch, 1 coupon will be doubled, 11 will be redeemed at face value) Only one like coupon will be doubled. (.50 cent stores) All coupons with a face value up to and including .50 cents will be doubled. Example: A .50 cent coupon will be doubled to $1. All coupons with a face value from .51 cents to .99 cents will be altered to $1.


Same policy as our Coupon Policy applies. We do accept internet coupons with the following exceptions: Coupon value can not exceed $5. and No FREE item coupons.

Again, thank you for contacting us. If I can be of any more assistance, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Please remember to use the reference number below for any additional correspondence.


Consumer Affairs Representative

Reference: 2635748


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