Where To Find Coupons

Ok so we all know that we can find coupons the old fashioned way in the Sunday newspaper inserts! But did you know that there are also quite a few other resources for finding coupons to heighten your savings!? Well guess what you do now because I am going to share them with you!  This list will be updated as often as I come across new resources.
If i have missed any resources here that you are aware of please leave me a comment and i will update the list and of course give you credit!

Newspaper Insert Coupons-
You can of course find coupons within your newspaper inserts each week. Did you know that coupons are regional meaning that I can get a coupon for $0.50/1 Lipton Cup A Soup or Lipton Soup Secrets while another region of the country get’s a coupon for $1.00/2 or even $0.55/2 in the SAME week!? TRUE STORY! (which is where coupon clipper services come in handy! or sites like Ebay)
  • Newspaper Inserts-

    • Always check your newspapers before checking out that your paper has ALL of the inserts included and you are not short any. After all you are most likely purchasing the paper solely for the inserts (if you are anything like me!)
    • Be aware of what coupon inserts will be in the current weeks papers. As a lucky reader of Coo Coo 4 Coupons I share with you a weekly Preview here on the blog as you know. But if you want to preview for weeks/months or even the year to come check out the Insert schedule.
    • Once you know what coupons and how many you want you can plan on how many papers it is worth to buy each week.

  • Coupon Clipping Services-  (remember coupons are regional what one service has another may not and visa versa) In no particular order I will * sites i have personally ordered from and LOVE.

  • Coupon Trading and Coupon Trains-

  • Other Methods-

    • Dumpster Diving
    • Recycling Centers
    • Trading with family/friends
    • Use your imagination! 

Online Printable Coupons:
Coupons in the Grocery Store:
This is a Peelie coupon. You have to have a good eye to find these in the grocery store!! Or a “Coo Coo eye” like Me lol Oh yeah and i trained my son and mother to look for peelies (Although we rarely find them as people tend to get greedy with peelies! Please when taking coupons off of products consider others who may want to purchase that item!)

“Blinkies” are coupons from Smart Source that you will find in many grocery stores in the aisles in front of products. You can usually spot these rather easily as they blink red on each side of the box to alert you of the savings!!

This is a Catalina you may have seen these print out at the end of your receipt in many grocery stores. Sometimes they may be for a certain amount off of your next order or for a specific amount of a certain brand.

ENJOY your adventures in couponing! And remember if you have ANY questions just ask!! If you have any other resources you’d like for me to share please leave me a comment or send an email and i will add to the list!


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