Slim Shots Review


Well not many of you know unless you have read the whole about me section that i have lost almost 90 lbs! I did it through hard work and dedication. Lots of counting calories and exercising (LOTS of exercising). When i got the opportunity to do a review on Slim Shots you bet your bottom i jumped at the chance. I had always seen it advertised on TV and in magazines but i was skeptical on whether or not it worked. Well I am now  a believer. This is not a miracle cure to lose weight! You will not lose the weight just from taking a slim shot and keeping your old habits you HAVE to do the work as well. But for others that have a hard time with hunger control this may assist in getting rid of those extra pounds.

I am not really a big “snacker” although when it is that time of the month for me i crave chocolate, salt, ANYTHING within sight! So it was was obvious to me when i would try the Slim Shots to see if they actually worked for me. I did notice that even though i had slight cravings (i think that is something that will never going away) i did not act on them. I noticed that my hunger did not pang me as much as it usually would around this time. The slim shots do not have an overwhelming odor yet they taste like they smell. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is great tasting but it is not all that unpleasant either. Which is why it is a good thing that they can be mixed with food or a drink! I was sent a package of Slim Shots All Natural Chocolate flavor. The package comes with 14 shots and a neat little carrying case that reads “This is your shot” I thought that was rather clever!

I am not an advocate of taking the easy way out. I have said it before and I will say it over and over again these should be taken if at all along side a healthy diet and exercise in my opinion.

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Coo Coo 4 Coupons review/ Giveaway Disclosure: I was provided with Slim Shots to try thanks to Fuel My Blog  to write an honest and insightful review. As always my reviews are an expression of my own opinion and the review is based on my experience trying out the product. This review has not been reviewed or edited by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this review.


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