Heely's at 6pm ONLY $14.95!!!!

Ok have I told you all how head over heels i am with 6pm.com yet? I'm sure i have as i talk it up every chance i get. I have only ordered from them once so far but they stand at 100% satisfaction value with me!

I posted about Heely's on sale a few weeks back for $20.00!! I jumped at the chance to get these shoes for Jordan for Christmas as they usually run around $60.00!!! I can't say they aren't worth $60.00 because my son really enjoys these shoes and they hold up for YEARS! But come on we are talking about me here Miss Cheap-O!

It's funny because whenever i get excited about something i have to tell EVERYONE! Yesterday they were having a sale on Gold here at the hospital and i was telling the people from the jewelry store all about 6pm.com and how much i LOVE their service. They are CHEAP, they ship SUPER FAST, and the shipping is not too steep.

So you can imagine the delight i get this morning when i get an email that Heely's are on sale for $14.95!!! So be sure to check them out!!

Here are some other great deals:

Bronx Shoes – 73074 Trish Thumbnail

 Bronx Shoes 73074 Trish
$9.50 (89% off MSRP $85.00)

Circa Kids – No Luck Tee (Big Kids) Thumbnail
Circa Kids No Luck Tee (Big Kids)
$9.78 (64% off MSRP $27.00) 

  Gabriella Rocha Kids – Zeus (Toddler/Youth) Thumbnail 
Gabriella Rocha Kids Zeus (Toddler/Youth)
$6.95 (88% off MSRP $57.95) 


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