End of The Month….


It’s that time again!! We’ve made it through the FIRST month of the NEW YEAR of a NEW DECADE!!! 

Here’s a little reminder to finish up those end of the month tasks to get all of your earnings and savings possible before they are GONE!!!

Print out those coupons:

You can also refer to my Updated Coupon as well as my “Where to find coupons” post  where you can find other great sites that have monthly coupons.

Coupons.com, Redplum.com, Smart Source.com, There have been many new HIGH value coupons added to these sites lately not to mention other coupons being reset. Be sure to print them out before they are gone!!


Mypoints: {{IF you are not yet a member you should absolutely look into becoming one FREE}}

Get those toolbar searches in:

1-10 searches
10 Points

11-20 searches
25 Points

21-30 searches
50 Points

31 or more searches
75 Points

Print out your coupons for savings AND points:

Earn 10 points for every coupons.com coupon you print and redeem

Earn 25 bonus points when you print and redeem any 10 or more Coupons.com or SmartSource.com coupons in a month

BzzAgents: {{IF enjoy trying FREE new full size products and giving your feedback I highly suggest you sign up for your FREE account!}}

Earn your honeycomes:

Contribute 3 opinions and poll responses in the Frogpond

Add 10 total items to Bzzscapes

Whew! That’s alot!! If your anything like me then you wait to the last minute. There is only 3 more day’s in this month so hurry up and get these things done. It’s FREE Savings and FREE Money super easy!


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