Bitter Sweet Day!

Ok. So today was one of those day’s kind of like the sour patch commercial but visa versa! See i was having a WONDERFUL day. Things seemed to be looking up. I still have a job!!!! I curled my hair and did my make-up. Just one of those day’s I’m sure many of you can relate to what i mean. THEN i get out of work excited to go home and go shopping with my sister for Christmas Eve dinner and my car WON’T START Why!?!? Anyway i lucked out and had a really nice mechanic come and take it to his garage rather than have to get it towed so let’s hope that it doesn’t cost too too much.


Anyway onto some GREAT news i got today!! Remember that Giveaway i told you all about a few day’s ago!? This one! Well…..I WON!!! WE won!! Coo Coo 4 Coupons is getting a complete make-over thanks to Bloggy Blog Designz. That was the BEST part of my day today!!! I am so excited and i can NOT wait to see what Jenna and Whitney come up with!! I gave them complete control I want for it to be a surprise!! I have faith in them after seeing their blog and their work it is fabulous!! You should check out their $10.00 Pre-Made Holiday Templates!!! They are SO cute!

Thank you guy’s SO much!!!


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