Target Deals Week of 11/22

Newest Coupons can always be found on Targets website.
Here is the information for those of you who have never stacked coupons before. You can stack  (1)  Target coupon with any (1)  MFQ for the SAME product. 
Target coupon: $x.xx/1 stack with MFQ for $x.xx/1
Target coupon: $x.xx/2 stack with (2) MFQ for $x.xx/1
MFQ: $x.xx/2 stack with (2) $x.xx/1 Target Coupons
Target Coupon: $x.xx/2 stack with (1) MFQ for $x.xx/2

It’s SIMPLE and FUN! :)

Be sure to get to know the Target Coupon Policy (Print it and take it with you!)

Deals from This Weeks Ad:
Are you going shopping on Black Friday!? If so you can play the Target Game and win a FREE medium Drink. Everyone get’s one for entering. It is a coupon in PDF form and can be used on 11/27 and 11/28
Del Monte Canned Vegetables $0.45
(There is a limit of 12 of each variety per guest)
$1.00/8 MFQ from 11/15 RP
Stack With:
$1.00/6 Target
Final Price= 8/$1.60 (or $0.20/can)
Betty Crocker Potatoes 4.5-7.2 oz $0.79
$1.00/1 IP, or $0.40/1 IP, or $1.00/2 MFQ from SS 10/4, $0.35/1 MFQ from 11/15 GM, $0.35/1 MFQ from 11/15 SS, $0.40/1 IP
Final Price= FREE-$0.44
Heinz Homestyle Gravy $0.79
$1.00/3 IP
Final Price= 3/$1.37 (or $0.45 a pc)
Lysol Wipes (28-35ct) selected cleaners (22-40 oz.)Toilet cleaner (24 oz.)
$0.40/1 MFQ from 11/8 SS, or $1.00/1 Wipes MFQ 11/8 SS, $1.00/2 MFQ 11/8 SS, $1.50/2 MFQ from 11/8 SS, $0.50/1 IP
Stack with:
$1.00/1 Target home mailer coupon
Final price= FREE-$0.49 (Still a good deal if you only have a MFQ)
Colgate Toothpaste selected 4.6-6 oz. $2.49
$1.00/1 MFQ from 11/8 SS
Stack With:
$0.75/1 Target home mailer, or $0.50/1 from 11/1 SS
Final Price= $0.75-$1.00
Ongoing Deals:
(Please keep in mind Prices/Coupons are regional. Please do let me know if there is a different Price/Coupon/good deal  in your area that i have not listed!!)

Up & Up Baby wipes $0.97 (TPC)- $1.54

$1.00/1 Target IP exp. 12/5/09
Final Price= FREE-$0.54

St. Ive’s Body Lotion and St. Ive’s Body Wash Travel Size $0.99
$1.00/1 MFQ from 11/15 SS exp. 12/31/09
Final Price = FREE
Rayovac Alkaline batteries (located in the dollar section) $1.00
$1.00/1 MFQ from 10/18 SS (exp. 12/31/2009), or $1.00/1 MFQ from 11/8 SS (exp. 1/31/2010), or $1.00/2 MFQ from 11/8 SS (exp. 1/31/2010)
Final Price= 1/FREE- 2/$1.00
Nabisco Ritz , Triscuits, or Wheat Thins crackers $2.50
$1.00/1 MFQ from 11/8 SS
Stack With:
$1.00/1 Target IP (exp.12/12/2009)
Final Price= $0.50

Purina Friskies Party Mix $1.44 (Prices may vary by region)
$2.00/2 MFQ from SS 

Stack With
$1.00/2 Target IP (Exp. 1/30/2010)

Final Price= FREE

AirWick Freshmatic Mini Sale @ $4.99
$5.00/1 MFQ 11/15 SS
Final price=




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