Last Target Shopping Trip!! $7.93 OOP

I am sorry i do not have the match-ups for this trip as it was so long ago and i did not keep the receipt. Although i have a picture for your enjoyment. I still can not believe it myself!!! lol



E and A said...

how in the world do you do the glade deals. i went in with 5 refills and 5 holders and i had 5 b1g1 free and 5 of the 1.50 off one (inside containers) they said they cant do that..why not? help Sherry!!! :) and good dang job! Go Sherry Go sherry!

Sherry said...

Yes you absolutely can do it!! The $1.50 attaches to the item that you are buying in order to use the B1/G1 FREE coupon on the free refill. Go back and try it again if they give you any trouble call corporate from the red phone!!

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