Give them a call and get some coupons!


You know those numbers on the back of your products!? They are there for a reason whether you have a question, comment, or complaint they employ someone to answer those phones. Why not make the best of those hotlines and give them a call!? You can request to be put on their mailing list or just flat out ask to have some coupons sent to you!

I will share a list of companies contacts with you as I come across them!

If you have any company’s information you would like added to the list please leave a comment with the information.

Have you ever contacted a company?! Please share your experience here with us! What did they send you? What did you say? Did you call or email.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list! I emailed Bounce after I bought one of those new Bounce Drier Bars that you stick on the inside of your drier & it's supposed to eliminate the need to throw a drier sheet in there with every load. Well my bar kept falling off & wouldn't stick to the inside of my drier. I politely told the Bounce people about this & they sent me a coupon for a FREE bounce product of my choice!

Anonymous said...

Also...I emailed Colgate & told them that I did not like their Pop Stars kids toothpaste, that I noticed tartar build up on my child's teeth after using the toothpaste 2-3 times a day for a month. Colgate sent me a check in the mail for $3 for the cost of the toothpaste. It pays to let these companies know what you think. You shouldn't have to spend your hard earned money on products you are not happy with!

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