Valued Readers..

You probably all have noticed i haven’t been posting quite as much as usual :( I have just been feeling so BLAH! Tired-Drained. NOW i know why i am SICK! Ugh i was doing so good keeping myself away from sick people and keeping myself free of the body aches and sniffles but my nephew is just so absolutely hard to stay away from and whether he is sick or not i just need to nibble him up! So i think that maybe i got sick kissing all on him. He has a cold the poor little guy. My body is aching and my nose is enough to drive me crazy! Breathing is difficult. All the good stuff. I am hoping to feel better soon and get back to posting bundles for you all!!

On another note. I have noticed that some new to my site have had difficulty finding there way around. I am going to work on my menu bar in the coming weeks and try to make this site easier to navigate for all. I’d like a little bit more organization as well.

If anyone has any suggestions or anything they would like to see here PLEASE let me know. This blog is for YOU!


Sandra said...

Hope you feel better soon Sherry! If it continues GO TO THE DR!!!

I hope your nephew gets better soon too!

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