Nicoderm CQ Sample and Coupon!


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So let me tell you WHY this coupon & sample offer is coming at such an ironically wonderful time. I AM QUITTING smoking!! Yes i am a smoker! I am quitting on Saturday!! I will be using Nicoderm CQ patches. I am lucky enough to have them supplied through my insurance by going through a wellness program where i speak with a nurse on the phone once a week or whenever i need to talk/vent (kind of like an AA sponsor) I am DOING it! YOU can too!! Don’t miss out on this chance for a FREE sample and coupon for $7.00 OFF !!!


Cheryl said...

Good Luck!! My husband quit last year through a insurance program. It really helped.

Sherry said...

Thank you so much Cheryl!! I need all the luck i can get!! I mean i am ready to do this but i am anxious about what's to come. I hope the patches work!! You gave me hope!!! Thank you so much!!

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