I Won!!! Allure Giveaway!


2 pm Smashbox Eye Shadow in Platinum and Cream Eye Liner in Caviar (Eye Shadow $18, Eyeliner $ 22) First 250

I posted THIS back on August 2nd and i can’t believe i was one of the first 250!!!!!

I will definitely be posting about more of these giveaway’s and entering!!!

Never received a confirmation just a box in the mail today!!! It was a mystery to me! lol I had to do a little bit of investigating on my blog!


Sandra said...


I don't remember if one of those prizes was an eye liner pencil or not, but if it was, my daughter won! lol

Did the package say from Allure?

Sherry said...

Nope. I was so confused. It was a packing slip that send it was sent to someone from marketing then shipped to another person then my name was on the box it was so bazaar in a good way!! lol The eyeliner looks the same as the eyeshadow but it's eyeliner it's so neat! You can tell it's great quality! Have you ever won anything?

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