CVS Trip 10/18 Saved $82.93


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Ok let me just say that i was SO infuriated by this trip!! I guess i should start by saying that i called the store about a week ago after getting a heads up that diapers were on clearance. The store did not know of the clearance sale. So anyway while shopping today the one cashier brought out a cart FULL of diapers the other cashier asked are they on sale?!? I heard her say yes but they are only size 3 and 4 (sizes I NEED for my nephew) So i said how much are they on sale for and scanned them and they scanned @ $17.99 i said that’s not on sale she said no they have to mark them down it’ll take 2 minutes in the meantime while i’m waiting the other cashier comes out and grabs 2 handfuls of diapers and the cashier before her grabbed a few bags too. So i said to the cashier are they bringing them back there to mark them down so i can purchase them (as i WAS looking at them before they even took them back) she said no they are taking them WTF!? (I guess you know who’s going to be calling management tomorrow!!!) THEN it took the cashier forever to ring up my order/coupons i was sweating and angry and that time of the month NOT a good combo! lol Anyway onto my trip! Ugh!!!!

(1) 4 oz. Glade Fragrance Collection Candle $6.99
-(1) $3.00/1 MFQ from All You Magazine
Final Price=
$3.99 (+ receive $6.99 ECB)

(1) Huggies Mega Pack Clearanced @ $4.50
-(1) $2.00/1 MFQ
Final Price=
$2.50 for 46 diapers!!!!!

(1) Pampers Swaddlers Mega Pack Clearanced @ $4.50
-(1) $1.00/1 MFQ
Final Price=
$3.50 for 46 Diapers!!!!!!!

(8) Cans of Progresso Soup B1/G1 FREE= $12.76
-(2) $1.10/3 IP
Final Price=
8/$10.56 (or $1.32 a pc)

(2) Boxes of CVS tissues @ $1.29= $2.58
-(1) $1.00/2 from magic coupon machine
Final Price=

(1) Sense & Spray $5.00
-(1) $4.00/1 MFQ
Final Price=

(1) Pack of Winterfresh $1.19 (to bring total over $50.00)
(1) Pack of Bubblelicious $1.29 (to not have a negative balance)

Total Before Coupons= $51.xx
-(2) $5.00/$25.00 CVS Coupon
-$15.00 ECB

Total OOP= $0.70
Earned back $6.99 ECB
Saved= $82.93


Simply Creative Insanity said...

That is frustrating about the diapers. I was in cvs last week and the lady wouldn't take my $5 off $25 because she said that she had to scan my coupons first and it wouldn't work because them my total would be below $25. I handed her the 5 off 25 first but she wouldn't do it. So, I put the stuff down and left.

Sherry said...

She is misinformed. If this happens to you again in the future you should call and ask for the store manager!! I strongly believe that we have so much trouble as "couponers" because of cashiers who look at us as a nuisance. We are not taking money off them and we are not even taking money off of their company they are being reimbursed from the manufacturer. I think that it's a lack of knowledge on their part that makes it so difficult on us. Lack of knowledge and customer service skills. I was a cashier for years and I never treated customers the way i have been treated coupons or not. These cashiers/managers/companies should be ashamed of themselves.

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