Wal-Mart Trip (Annoying Cashier)


Savings= No Idea (wish Wal-Mart would list this on their receipts)

Total OOP= $24.66

Items Purchased:
(4) Glade Sense & Sprays
(4) Pull-Ups Flushable Wipes
(1) Scrubbing Bubbles 2 in 1 Fresh Brush (w/bonus flushable wipes)
(1) Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet cleaning Gel
(6) Glade 2 oz. Candles
(1) Glade Diffuser
(2) Glade 3 wick candles
(2) Glade 4 oz. Candles
(10) Reeses candy bars
(5) Snickers Bars
(5) Twix Bars
(3) Carefree Liners

I had such hassles with my cashier. She was inspecting every single coupon. She needed to match every single coupon to every single item and even THEN she needed to ask a CSM if it was the correct item. Such as a Glade Fragrance Diffuser because she didn’t see it on the picture. I left so infuriated!!


Sandra said...

I totally understand!

I hate going to the walmart near me, because of all the hassle I have to go thru to get them to take any internet coupons. lol

I have to go 3 miles out my way to the walmart where they don't give me greif! I emailed Walmart headquarters and complained about the new walmart and not accepting coupons and all the hassle.

Seems to me that they'd want what was best for their customers, but yet again seems like they are only out for the money! I hate stores like that.

I go 3 miles out my way to get satisified. lol Thats a shame

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