Target Run 17.42 OOP Saved 72.42!!

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Missing from image is one bag of Wonka Gummies as my son just COULDN’T wait to try them. (didn’t even get out of the store! lol He was good and patient with me this time it was the least i could do is let him have them and just MENTION them rather than picture them! hehe)

I had a great trip. All of my coupons rang up. Only a few beeps which the cashier pushed threw. I was super happy with my experience today!! Usually MOST of my coupons beep or won’t scan (darn Target coupons!)

The Breakdown:

I am going to breakdown the Magic Erasers FIRST since none of the coupons beep and it is completely legit do not let a cashier tell you it can’t be done. IT’S A BIT TRICKY if you are new to couponing. (10) Boxes of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers @ $2.29 a pc= $22.90 -(5) B1/G1 Free MFQ from PG 9/27 (this coupon attaches to the FREE item) -(5) $1.00/1 MFQ from PG 8/30 (attaches to the item you are buying in order to get the free item) Stacked with:(Remember you can stack a MFQ w/Target coupon for the item you are purchasing) -(5) $0.75/1 Target coupon (hanging on Mr. Clean Liquid cleaner on shelf) Final Price= 10/$2.70 or $0.27 a box!!

Lysol Wipes TPC @ $2.04 -$1.00/1 MFQ (from Doctors Office Flyer) Final Price= $1.04

(2) Palmolive Pure & Clear TPC @ $1.49= $2.98 -(2) $1.00/1 IP Final Price= 2/$0.98 or $0.49 a pc.

(2) Palmolive Pure & Clear (Be careful which one you pick up these rang up at reg. price) @ $2.74 = $5.48 -(2) $1.00/1 IP Final Price= $3.48 or $1.74 a pc BIG DIFFERENCE (watch those prices!!)

(8) Tide 2x Ultra Trial Size @ $0.97 a pc = $7.92 -(8) $1.00/1 MFQ from PG 9/27 Final Price= 8/FREE

(2) Bags of Wonka Gummies @ $1.59 a pc= $3.18 -(2) $1.00/1 Target IP Final Price= 2/$1.18 or $0.59 a pc.

(2) Bags of Combos @ $1.79 a pc. = $3.58 -(1) $1.00/2 MFQ from RP 9/13 -(2) $0.50/1 Target coupon (sorry not sure what insert purchased these from The Coupon Clippers) Final Price= $1.58 or $0.79 a pc.

(2) California Pizza Kitchen for One @ $2.50= $5.00 -(2) $1.00/1 MFQ from RP 9/27 Final Price= $3.00

(4) Single Bounty Basic Rolls @ $0.97= $3.88 -(1) $1.00/2 MFQ from PG 9/27 -(2) $1.00/2 Target coupon from booklet Final Price= 4/FREE (i have not paid for paper towels in MONTHS by purchasing them this way!!)

(6) Purina Fancy Feast Appetizers @ $1.22 a pc= $7.32 -(3) B1/G1 FREE MFQ (sorry not sure what insert received these via Trade) -(3) B1/G1 FREE Target IP Final Price= 6/FREE (will be donating to a local shelter)

(2) Cheerios @ $2.69= $5.38 -(1) $1.00/2 Target IP -(2) $1.00/1 IP Final Price= $2.38 or $1.19 a box!

Total OOP= $17.92 (or 39 items @ $0.45ish a pc) Total Saved= $72.72


Simply Creative Insanity said...

Thanks for a great post! I was wondering if there is a chacne that the P&G coupons from 9/27 are different in different parts of the country. Mine didn't have te $1 mfg on the magic eraser. I just had the B1G1.
Is there a place that I can find them and print them?

Sherry said...

You are quite welcome!! Thank you for reading! :) I made a boo boo with that. The coupon is actually from PG 8/30 and expires TOMORROW 9/30 So if you have these coupons RUN out and get these tomorrow!!!

Simply Creative Insanity said...

Ok...I don't have the coupon since I just started saving coupons last weekend. So, I don't have a whole of stock! Thanks again for answering my questions! I can't wait to see your next deal!

Sherry said...

There is an even better deal See if you have these ones:
Buy 2 Magic Eraser 2pk @ $2.29 (even cheaper at some stores)
This will probably work best if you use THESE coupons in order...
First use:
(2) Target $0.75/1 Hangtag coupon (1 each attaches to both the free item and the item you are purchasing)
(1) $0.75/1 MFQ from Home Made Simple booklet (attaches to item you are paying for)
(1) B1/G1 FREE MFQ (attaches to FREE item)

That breaks down to 2/$0.04 or FREE if your store is selling them for less.

Anonymous said...

I am new, what is the hangtag coupon, and what is the Home Made Simple Booklet.

Sherry said...

A Hangtag is a coupon that is hanging from a product or a booklet of coupons hanging from a product on the shelf.

The Home made simple booklet is a coupon booklet that you can sign up for online and gets sent to you in the mail. Here is a link to the current promotion.

smiling_mama said...

So great that we are now "friends" in a bloggy world! Thanks for your understanding and your very kind words! Love your site!

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