Target FREE/Cheap Week of 9/27


Please keep in mind that these deals may be regional. If you find that these deals are in fact local please leave me a comment confirming them! I will do my best to confirm any deals here as i visit the local Target!

Quite often prices on the shelf do NOT match the actual price ALWAYS make sure to scan the item before going to checkout!

I find these deals online. Most of the deals i find at A Full Cup and Attention Target Shoppers

I will update as i find more deals!!


Sara Lee Lunch Meats reportedly clearance at $2.65-$2.70 Orig price of $3.99 Use: $3.00/1 IP (print twice for becoming a fan on facebook) Either way it is FREE or super cheap lunch meat!

Fancy Feast Appetizers 2/FREE Use: B1/G1 Target IP Stack with: B1/G1 MFQ from RP 8/9 Final Price: BOTH FREE!! (donate these to your local shelter)

Airwick Ultra I-Motion $5.99 Use: $6.00/1 MFQ Final Price= FREE


Glade Scented Oil Candle Tins $1.66 (until 9/28) Open the tin and there should be a $1.50/1 MFQ inside. You can scored these for $0.16 a pc!!! I have purchased MANY!! You can also use the Buy 1 candle holder and get a Refill FREE that is a Scented Oil Tin AND Refill for $0.16!!!

Weight Watchers Smart Ones $1.88 Use: $4.00/10 IP, or $1.00/5 IP, or $3.00/10 IP, or $1.50/7 IP Final Price= As Low As $1.48 a pc.

Purina One 3.5 lb dry dog or cat food $5.99 Use: $2.00/1 Target IP Stack with: $3.00/1 MFQ from RP 9/13 Final Price= $0.99

Febreze Noticables $4.69 Use: $4.00/1 MFQ from PG 9/27 Final Price= $0.69

409 cleaner $1.99 Use: $1.00/1 MFQ from RP 8/30 Final Price= $0.99

Nestle Cookie Dough $2.00 Use: $1.00/1 MFQ from RP 9/13 Final Price= $1.00

Air Wick Mini I-Motion $4.99 (until 9/28) Use: $4.00/1 IP Final Price= $0.99

(2) M&M’s $2.50= $5.00 Use $1.00/2 M&Ms Target IP Stack with: $1.00/2 M&M's MFQ from RP 9/27 Final Price= 2/$3.00 PLUS get a FREE re-usable shopping bag (halloween)

California Pizza Kitchen For One $2.50 Use: $1.00/1 MFQ from SS 9/27 Final Price= $1.50

Keebler 100 Calorie Right Bites, Fudge Stripe, 6-ct $1.50 Use: $1.00/2 IP Final Price= 2/$2.00

Here is a GREAT deal i got this week w/out any beeps completely legit!: THIS DEAL EXPIRES 9/30 SO MAKE SURE TO GET OUT THERE AND GET IT TOMORROW!!

(10) Boxes of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers @ $2.29 a pc= $22.90 -(5) B1/G1 Free MFQ from PG 9/27 (this coupon attaches to the FREE item) -(5) $1.00/1 MFQ from PG 8/30(attaches to the item you are buying in order to get the free item) Stacked with:(Remember you can stack a MFQ w/Target coupon for the item you are purchasing) -(5) $0.75/1 Target coupon (hanging on Mr. Clean Liquid cleaner on shelf) Final Price= 10/$2.70 or $0.27 a box!!

Another Scenario: Will get you the expirations when i get home from work.

Buy 2 Magic Eraser 2pk @ $2.29 (even cheaper at some stores)

This will probably work best if you use THESE coupons in order...

First use:

(2) Target $0.75/1 Hangtag coupon (1 each attaches to both the free item and the item you are purchasing)

(1) $0.75/1 MFQ from Home Made Simple booklet (attaches to item you are paying for)


(1) B1/G1 FREE MFQ (attaches to FREE item)

That breaks down to 2/$0.04 or FREE if your store is selling them for less.


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