Rite Aid Video Values for October



I was extremely pleased to open up my email tonight to this wonderful message letting me know that Rite-Aid will be continuing on with their Video Values for the month of October. Especially since I did not partake in the first month of this wonderful new program!!

Here is the email i received:

Hello Sherry,
We are pleased to announce a new Rite Aid Video Values program beginning October 1, 2009! During the month of October you will find a new set of videos and coupons, including another $5 off $20 Rite Aid Bonus Coupon when you earn 20 video credits! Plus, at your request, we added the ability to print individual coupons so you can just print the coupons you are ready to use.
Please make note of the following:
·       Starting on October 1, your credit total will be re-set to zero so you can earn credits toward the NEW $5 off $20 Rite Aid Bonus Coupon. Just like the August/September program, you may only earn this coupon one time in the month of October.
·       Any coupons you earned during August or September (and that you did NOT already print) will be available in your My Rewards page through their expiration date of October 31, 2009.  
We hope to see you back at Rite Aid Video Values for our great October values!

Not sure how Rite Aid Video Values works? You can check out the specifics HERE

There are savings up to $130.00 Coupons are valid ONLY in stores.

The coupons are Rite Aid coupons beginning with RC which means they can be stacked with a Manufacturers coupon for extra savings!! (think Target coupons!)


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