Old Navy Did You Know!? Price Adjustments!!


I went to Old Navy tonight to pick up my nephew’s Halloween Costume (unfortunately he is not big enough for a Bambini Bliss costume) They had the cutest costumes very HIGH quality and just too cute and pretty cheap to pass up!! I paid $22.00 for an adorable almost teddy bearish Monkey costume nice and warm with a cute little banana hanging out of the pocket!! You can see it by clicking on Monkey Costume!! :)

Anyway Old Navy will be having a Baby sale starting September 9th. I just happened to see the circular sitting there on the register. I was bummed as i just purchased the costume and did not want to have to return it in fear that the 0-6 mos (since it was rare) will be sold out if i came back. They told me that they have a 14 day price adjustment policy I had no idea!! Did you!? You do not even have to bring the item in just your receipt and they will refund you the difference!!

Old Navy Price Adjustment Policy


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