Did you get your Swag on today?? Code inside!!

Search & Win

I am absolutely in LOVE with Swagbucks. I have only been a member for a short time and already racked up 84 Swag Bucks!! Click the banner above to join the site completely FREE and start searching to earn Prizes!! You search what you seek and you do it on your own time. Really that’s it just search.

Right now you can get a $25.00 Restaurant GC for only 40 SB’s!! As you can see i have enough for 2 in possibly a month of searching IF that and i don’t even search that often!! I do although use the search bar and that function i noticed gives me more swagbucks in return for my searches.

Also there is a new CODE to use $wagBucks for a SHORT time!! Go get your Swag Buck!!


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