ATTENTION Local Readers Limit on K-Mart Doubles!

So as you all recall the last time that our Local K-Mart ran the double coupons even though it had stated 10 or 25 (not sure of the exact number last time around) the manager allowed for 75 coupons and really didn't even enforce the 75 limit. THIS time however i called to re-verify if they were following the limit or if it was 75 again this time i was informed that it is 10 coupon limit and it is only one customer/visit per day! BUMMER!! It doesn't even make it worth while! I just wanted to let you all know the update so that you do not go to the store armed with a bunch of coupons or even worse fill up your cart and have to put it all back :( On the other hand have any local readers done K-Mart doubles this time around? If so did you use more than the 10 coupon limit? I guess it's a YMMV depending on cashier!? I asked the service desk if you can do separate transactions and was told yes only to be told No by the Manager. Then after asking if you can leave the store and come back in he (the manager) said only if we don't remember you but i can't say whether i will or not. So our K-Mart usually only has 1 register open so the odds of them not remembering you are not very good! The only solution is to have someone else check out/pay for you. Use 10 coupons per each transaction and make multiple trips during the week. Here's to hoping for a hire limit in the near future!!!!!


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