Attention BZZ Agents


Were you one of the Lucky (or some would say NOT so lucky) Bzzagents that were accepted into the Aveeno Nourish+ campaign?

I am not the one to complain about doing something i love TESTING FREE NEW items and telling everyone about them. BUT I'm starting to get antsy! It has been quite some time and I received and email a few weeks back from Jono that the kit would be coming shortly! Still not here. Anyhow i emailed Bzzagent today and this is the response i got back. I wonder if it’s going to be worth the wait!? I’m hoping so!

Hi BzzAgent Sher71481,
Thanks for your email.  Not to worry as this campaign has not yet launched.  We just kind of wanted to keep it on your homepage to tease you a little bit.  What can we say, it's our inner 5 year old!
But, truthfully, because every BzzKit for this campaign had to be personalized with the selections that you made when signing up for the campaign it is going to take a little while before we can send out the kits.  But keep an eye out for an email from Jono in the coming weeks with more details about the campaign!


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