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That is what we do as bloggers right!? Well i found this awesome NEW free site through Bzz Agent frogpond!! I have already used it and searched my home town as well as my adopted town and it is so very neat how many different things i found (my area usually has nothing posted on most sites!) So exciting! And it’s FREE unlike other sites of this sort such as Classmates and such.

It’s called xtra xtra (beta) read all about it.

Here is information about there site from copied from HERE

Ever wonder what happened to your old classmates and neighbors? Want to know who from your hometown or college is engaged? Curious about what happened to that cute guy from your high school chemistry class? Would you like to receive updates without having to join a network? www.xtraxtra.com is your digital resource for hometown news, photos, and life events; including birth announcements, engagements and weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, adoptions, military, athletic, academic, professional achievements and more.

Best of all, xtra xtra is FREE, simple to use, and no registration is necessary. If you just want to look - that’s ok with us. If you do choose to post something on the site, there is a simple registration process. We don’t need your birthday, eye color or a DNA sample - all we need is a verifiable email address. Registered users also have the ability to sign up for email notifications, participate in forum discussions and send e-card responses directly from the xtra xtra site.

Want to celebrate something that isn’t on our list? Go ahead! We want you to celebrate the milestones that are important to YOU, whether it’s Johnny passing his driver’s test or Susie scoring her first soccer goal of the season. You choose the stationery and the areas where your announcement will appear, then email the posting out to family and friends. No milestone to post right now? You can post about an upcoming event or upload photos to the On the Scene section!

Unlike social networking sites, there are no profiles or “friends,” and you won’t be invited to take a quiz to determine what type of superhero you are! And unlike your local newspaper, xtra xtra content is fresh, posting is instantaneous, and you can keep up with multiple areas and schools all in one place.

What are you waiting for? Get started on xtraxtra.com today!


Debbie Sutherland said...

Hi! Out of state guest keeping me up late, late!! lol

Ok! With the Red Plum all you have to do is contact them and let them know you would like to be an affiliate! It is very easy. If you have no luck, let me know and I'll find the e-mail of the gentleman that worked with me. Also, I belong to Logical Media, and My Savings.com Both are wonderful!!

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