Smarty Card Learn. Earn. Play!!


FREE 2,500 points
Enter code KIWI

Grades 3-6

Too bad i didn’t know about this sooner!! Unfortunately my son is no longer in these grades. He fortunately is moving onto 7th grade this upcoming school year!!

Get your child ready for school and track their achievement.
EYour child earns online rewards, books, dvds, games, music and other popular
"stuff" by completing grade-specific educational games and quizzes.

You also get i believe in addition 2,500 points for signing up!!

Click HERE for more information on this site.


Aaron said...

Thanks for noticing. I've created a promocode just for MomBlog Network -- 500 more points than any other public campaign. Use promocode momblognetwork (all one word) and receive 3000 free points for SmartyCard. This is at or above the amount required for most virtual worlds offered through SmartyCard. This campaign is limited to first 500 that use the code.

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