Please forgive me!

I am here!! I didn’t forget about you! I spent some time with my sister today after a very LONG/BUSY day at work!! Things are getting pretty hectic right now as we are working on creating a cardiology fellowship for the medical residency program i work for here at the hospital. We have to get all of the hospital affiliation agreements together and signed by all hospitals and have this program information form sent in BEFORE the 31st of this month!!!! We will be hopefully sending it in tomorrow!! So it’s down to the wire! Anywho. As you can tell i have been updating my blog as posted before to make it easier for all of my wonderful readers to find exactly what they are looking for EASY! It took me the remainder of the night BOY was it TOUGH trying to figure this one out!! And i usually catch on quick! lol I hope you enjoy the new navigational menu i put w/sub menus. You will notice some of them say blank. I have not yet gotten to those categories but TRUST ME i have enough of them!!! :) Leave comments if you like! Good Night!

P:S I didn’t even get the chance to open up my new ALL You issue that came today nor did i get to even attempt to look at my emails :( Tomorrow is another day!


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