Got photos to print!? Join Artscow FREE prints for joining and MORE free prints with THIS code!!



Ok so i have posted about Artscow before and never joined TODAY i am!! (see their terms & conditions before joining) Not only do you get 1200 free prints to sign up you also can enter THIS code: 1500PRINTS for 1500 free prints in addition after signing up follow the instructions below: 

That's right. All you need to is do the follow the instructions set out below to take advantage of this fabulous offer.
1. Register/log into your account
2. Enter the "My Account" section
3. Click into "Credit & Discount"
4. Input the Gift Certificate Code and click on the "validate" button
Gift Certificate Code: 1500PRINTS
Expires: 7/31/2009
Please note the 1500 free prints will include 1000 4x6s and 500 5x 7s prints and will be limited for use over a ten-month period.
Their shipping fees chart is here


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