Frugal/Cleaning Tip


So the other day i was cleaning my kitchen and got completely fed up with the fact that no matter how many paper towels I used and no matter how many times i went over items such as my washer and dryer with my Swiffer 360 duster I could not get all of the hair and dust up. Sitting on my dryer a full box of Bounce that i have been neglecting to use since I received my Bounce Dryer Bar (which by the way is FANTASTIC!) in the mail thanks to Vocal Point!


I decided to pick one up and give it a shot. I am now addicted to using dryer sheets to pick up dust and hair. One of my biggest pet peeves was all of the hair shavings in the bathroom sink from my boyfriend and of course my long hair that falls out of my brush. I have used up countless paper towels/toilet paper trying to get this stuff up!! You can pick up allot of dust and hair with just 1 dryer sheet! Believe me it goes a longggg way! And not to mention it leaves everything smelling fresh! You can always pick up the cheap store brand for this purpose as you do not have to worry about how it leaves your clothes since you are using it on surfaces!


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