Coo Coo Freebies 7/26

total FREE Sample of TOTAL


FREE Refillable Bottle from Juicy Juice for signing up free.

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Delaware, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

4 Totally Light 2 Go Ice Tea
5. Which of the following 4C products would you be interested in purchasing? (check all that apply)
4C Green Tea/Pomegranate sticks (sweetened with Splenda)
4C Lemonade (made with sugar)
4C Fruit Punch (made with sugar)
4C Wild Berry/Pomegranate drink mix (made with sugar)


Deb ~ Frugal Living And Having Fun said...

HI there!! thank you for your kind comment!! It was nice getting away!! I'm really looking forward to talking to you on Tuesday!! Deb

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