BIC Printable coupons restocked!!! HURRY! FREE Pens!!

There are more $1.00/1 ANY size BIC Ball Pen or Gel Product and $0.50/1 ANY BIC Mechanical Pencil package.

This makes for Free pens and pencils with all the great back to school sales going on!!

I picked up 2 packs of both at Target the other day.

Make sure to print out 2!! There are also coupons for White Out and BIC Permanent Markers!! I reached my print limit last week and was able to print again tonight!!



Debbie Sutherland said...

Hi! Are you ok? I've been e-mailing you but not sure you are getting my e-mails!
"I've been worried about you"!!
lol How did you get the Bic coupons? I am an affiliate of, but I don't see a nice little ad like that for bic??? Please let me know! Sign up for my give-away!! $10 Staples Gift Card!! How many readers do you have so far? If you could give me the code for a blog role, I would love to put your button on my blog! I love your site! It's great! Do you belong to Swag bucks yet? If not let me know and I'll explain that to you! Deb

Debbie Sutherland said...

Oh! I just saw the bic, where it is! "silly" me! Thanks any way! lol

Debbie Sutherland said...

Well, that wasn't it either. I went to and saw little sections on the side and thought that was it, but it wasn't !! Please let me know!! For now, do you mind if I link that to you? Thanks!!! Deb

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