339.99 worth of stuff for 42.66!!!! Gotta love Double coupons!!


I will share some pictures tonight and try and post a breakdown by tomorrow night so you can go out and get some of the deals if you have the coupons.

I had 4 transactions. The first photo is every single thing i got totaling the $339.99 worth and the other 4 photos are all of that stuff broken down into the 4 transactions. When i break down how i did it you’ll understand why i did 4 transactions! Enjoy!!! I didn’t enjoy the checkout experience especially since the computer crashed 2 times (both after the entire order was rung up) and then had to move all of my stuff to another register. This is AFTER dealing w/the absolute worst cashier ever and telling him to get someone else to ring me up! More on that later! lol I guess in the end and almost $300.00 worth of savings it was worth it even when the lights went off and i was still checking out after the store closed!! :) And THIS is why i am Coo Coo 4 Coupons!!

Now onto the pictures……

This is EVERYTHING what $339.99 looks like at K-Mart w/out Double coupons!


This is Transaction #1

Total $35.94

Actual OOP $2.80


Transaction #2


OOP $4.69


Transaction # 3 and #4 (will take 2 new pictures tomorrow and post them separate didn’t realize i took them together in a photo and i am WAY too tired and aggravated to take it and upload now lol)

Transaction #3

Total $80.57

OOP $14.99

Transaction #4

Total $163.44

OOP: $20.18



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