Mail Call!!! w/Pics

Ok so i didn't get anything good at home today 1 single envelope from some company trying to sell me a warranty on my old car (i swear this is the "NEW" scam i can't tell you how much junk mail or how many phone calls i recieve about this!!)
BUT my mom called me today at work telling me that the mailman was JUST there and was coming back w/my package as he couldn't fit it in his bag (i have all boxes delivered to my mothers since my mailbox is a small little key/po type box) It was funny because my supervisor was standing by and i started to wave my hands and got so excited i mean jaw dropping excited she was like "is the baby on it's way?" (she thought my sister who is due in 14 days!!! was having the baby lol!!) NO! (i wish) BUT my package had finally arrived i was EAGERLY awaiting.
If you scroll down you can read about my EA Sports Active prize package that i had won from doing a survey. I am to have a houseparty (not from and join in on the 30 day challenge. I will update you on the game and the challenge in a later post.
I recieved 2 copies of EA Sports Active game for Wii compatible with the Wii Fit balance board (giving a copy to a girl at work so she can get started with her weight loss as well!! Woohoo lets go girl!!), A $50 Bank of America GC to buy healthy goodies for my party, a headband, and a water bottle. They had it put together so nice i was just so flabbergasted. Thank you again Ammo Marketing!! Here are the pics!! NOTE you can click on the pictures to view a larger version.


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